Hello world and welcome!

Hello all. I am Kyle and I am the founder and President of this truly amazing company. I am still writing and developing the website daily and would love all your feedback on it. I would like to also add that we have access to thousands of sku’s and will be constantly adding new items. We offer quick shipping to the 48 contiguous US and hope to expand beyond that by the end of the year. Our low FREE shipping threshold for majority of orders (some large items may incur freight charges) is just $30 or more on an order. Any order below is still FREE to ship but has a $3 handling fee. We give 5% back quarterly to schools who buy from us (Talk to your sales rep for more info). We currently have 27 distribution centers in the US alone so all orders are to you within 1-4 business days with the average order making it in 2 days. I will begin writing more blogs on happenings in the industry soon. Until then Happy shopping and please do not hesitate to call or email us!

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